Video: Famous Failures

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"It comes easy for him." This quote is heard about many successful personalities.

Yes, maybe because "They continued where others left off".

Many a times I try to keep my tongue/thoughts in check, before repeating the same thought about any1. You dont know their life story nor do you want to Live it.

Please check this video. Its about some of the "Famous Failures". I saw it on a friends Facebook profile & googled to find out more about it :

IF you have never Failed, you have never Lived!


Its description says:

Sometimes we look at people who have achieved a great deal of success and we wrongly think that everything must come easy for them. This powerful video illustration takes us inside some the greatest failures of all time so we can see the perseverance needed for them to achieve ultimate success. Abraham Lincoln, Lucille Ball, Walt Disney and Michael Jordan are success stories that first began with failure. This video illustration shows how failure fueled them to achieve beyond anyone’s expectations. If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.

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Famous Failures

Read more about each of these personalities, I googled & found:

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