Recession 101

Hi good day ppl,
2days ago over lunch was discussing company policies, what an organisation should do, is recession over, whatever was done in the name of recession was it all for the good,... with a friend.

She started telling me a story which explains What is recession. I soon realized I only had put this as a blog post:
What is recession !

Was using StumbleUpon the same day & came across this site & great pics.
Recession 101 :

Love the messages on the billboards. A superb & start-thinking idea for all.

Bye. tc


  1. I had actually read it on an email forward about a guy selling vada-pav but exactly on these lines. hehe
    But then, I am a living example economic recession; of being thrown out of my job and re-employed by the same company within 1-1/2 months after paying me a 3-month layoff salary. How can the economy survive with such decisions by the higher-ups? Reminds me of the age-old saying, "Haste makes waste".

  2. :) For you Haste modified to a blessing Sundari. Hope we really come out of this nightmare called 'Recession'.

    Thanks for the comment once again

  3. you are right! A blessing in disguise indeed :D


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