Article: Creative Flow

Hi Good day!
Have you ever been getting up in the morning with a tired feeling or pain in the back & shoulders@end of day? Ever wondered why, apart from too many long hours sitting@ your desk?

This article was just the thing to describe & answer by own questions:

It talks about 'Flow', a term we use often: Go with the flow, dont resist it. Change is the only constant, ....

But do we actually know what we are talking about apart from physiological talk?

This article is short & really motivates you to go 'WITH THE FLOW' ;)

Quoting some quotes from the article:

If you’re not flowing, it’s probably because you aren’t allowing yourself to be challenged, you’re completely overwhelmed, or someone else is holding you back.

There is also the story of how the author Ray Bradbury of Fahrenheit 451 wrote his book in record time & how the novel wrote itself, effortlessly.

If you aren’t flowing, you’re not reaching the peak of your ability. There is so much untapped hidden potential in flow, just waiting to be retrieved.

Read the article, do expect me to summarise it for you :P

:) Bye. Take care & Wish you all the best to come back in the Flow we humans so miss.