Movie: 3 Idiots

Today on weekend I watched '3 Idiots' with my kid cousin gang. Not giving a review about the movie here, just discussing about it.

It was an awesome experience. I have read the book: '5 point someone' by Chetan Bhagat during my engineering college days.

I had just finished my exams & was staying in hostel. I got the book & had to return it the next day so even after continuous staying up late every night, I read the book non-stop the entire night. In the middle of the night, I was giggling alone surrounded by my roommates dozing peacefully after exams. Was able to relate totally to he script coz was LIVING the story at that time.

So about the movie was not so enthu. But even after continuously our plans getting cancelled, today on the spot decided & within 3hours all of us cousins were at the local theatre. Even after hearing that the movie is based on the book, I feel only the story line is similar. The movie & the book each are seperate & should not be compared.

I would give both the book & the movie 4 points out of 5 each. Today watching the movie, could recall all my degree/diploma college days, the hostel life, engineering study Life, senior-junior relation, friendship, professor-student strife, exam-marks-grades stress, staying away from family, campus interview tension, future dreams, striving to live your Life your own way.

The movie is trying to give a lot of lessons. The decision to remove certain scenes from the movie, I believe is unnecessary. It is a fact of life, so why try to hide it. Instead the youngsters should be guided, made aware of these situations & the elders try to see if there is room for improvement for them.

The concept of friendship is perfectly pictured. Before watching the movie liked the song 'Give me some sunshine' :

Now like :
Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh
Jaane Nahin Denge

Was continuosly reminded about the tricks we used to play on our rectors & professors. The engineering concepts we applied in everyday life.

How we managed to shoot up the hostel telephone bill to 2000Rs which allowed only incoming calls ;), later many of the students parents were called for this. How we studied late in to the night, told neighbours & friends to wake us up during exams. The buying of movie cd & collecting contributions from those who all came to watch & eating snacks,tea late into the night. The BIRTDAY parties at 12 in the night with drowning the birthday girl with cake, ketchup, dal, soap water,... all unimaginable yuck things. The imprompto dance parties. The ragging, which was indirect protection of junior girls by the senior girls. The gathering, farewell, teachers day parties we organised in college & hostel. The sports competitions, the tech fests. Being in Pune, paradise for students, the little roaming we did to well know spots.

Lots to talk about.

:) 1time watch for all youngsters & elders! Please watch it if you havent. I am going to take my parent gang for it, might as well watch it a 2nd time ;)


  1. hey, good post. agree with what you have said. may just watch it once more too. :)

  2. :D Let me know. May watch it with you too.

  3. I told you so! :D
    As i had mentioned, i have not read the book, but the film is a must see as it sets one thinking. It should not be treated only as entertainment value. I know nowadays we have to watch films after leaving our brains at home. This once, we need to take our brains and our hearts along to watch. What say?

  4. I say Egjactly Sundari! ;) :D


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