Book: Butterfly Effect

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A Life of Permanent Purpose, how does that sound?
Mostly we ask ourselves, What is my purpose on this Earth? But this is eye-opening kind of statement, Live a Life of Permanent Purpose.

Live every moment knowing that each action is permanent & cant be undone or Ctrl+Z, so each moment is new,thrilling, questioning your decision,...

Read this for more understanding of what I learnt from it from Simpletruths:

Excerpt from:
The Butterfly Effect...How Your Life Matters,
by Andy Andrews

Not long ago, I finally told the story of when, at the age of twenty-three, homeless and scared, I was given guidance in a most unusual fashion by an old man named Jones. What the old man told me did nothing less than change my life and my future. He said..."With a little perspective you can live a life of permanent purpose."

When I asked what he meant, the old man answered with a question. "Do you sometimes find yourself unconsciously judging your actions by level of importance?" I frowned a bit, not certain I understood. "For instance, "he continued, "the time you spend with friends is important, but the time you spend with family, is more important. You might rank an hour fishing as very important, thirty minutes visiting a sick friend in the hospital much more important than the fishing, and a sixty second conversation with a convenience store clerk as not very important at all."

I nodded my understanding and he returned to his initial point. "When you know that everything matters -that every move counts as much as any other -you will begin living a life of permanent purpose. A life of permanent purpose will make you a better parent, a better spouse, and a more valuable friend. Your productivity and financial success will soar to new heights while the old days of uncertainty, doubt, and depression fade into the past."

Of course, that conversation with Jones changed me. But even more, it became the guiding force that produced the kind of speaker and author I have become. You see, I understand fully that my very value as an author and speaker must ultimately be judged by the success you achieve. And as I consult with companies or speak to organizations and teams, I am keenly aware that much of my client's (your) ability to succeed beyond imagination depends upon my ability to prove this very concept!

When one lives a life of permanent purpose, sales figures soar, team chemistry thrives, and teenage decisions become wiser and more cautious. And these are just a few examples of what will happen... Simply put, when we understand that every action matters, every result of our actions immediately improves!

In these pages, I know you will find hope and direction for yourself, but I am most excited that you will now be equipped to lead others to their own life of permanent purpose! My hope for our families, our places of worship, our businesses, our nation, and our world is an incredible life of permanent purpose that can be achieved when at last we understand: Every move we make and every action we take, matters not just for us, but for all of us...and for all time.

The Butterfly Effect is an unforgettable story that can change your life or the life of anyone who reads it.

:) Strange, the movie I couldnt watch beyond the first 10mins but this excerpt is interesting & deep meaning.

This concept is ok to apply & execute for few hours, maybe couple of days, but then later you go wary of it unless you REALLY UNDERSTAND & know how to ENJOY IT. ;)

Its something which I will be doing in my 10days :). Will let you know.

Bye. tc.


  1. I find it kind of confusing. can understand what it is about. But cannot make out how to actually adapt it in my life and how the effect comes about. Maybe I need to read the full book. I like the idea of great success but this excerpt is not really helping me by itself.

  2. :) It means giving ur 100% in what you do keeping in mind these actions cant be reversed. They may be small things. Like giving a beggar something to eat or money,... instead of ignoring them as we usually do but later it keeps nagging u. This action will someday help in someway in this lifetime only ;).
    Like taking part in some activity or event in office or outside, which u would normally ignore & regret later. May be being a part of that activity u might end up knowing some1, getting to know urself, have a new experience,...

    Live the moment but with TOTAL AWARNESS
    in short.

    Hope that helps ;)

    Thanks for the comments. Keep them coming :D

  3. okay. I think I understand it better now. Thanks! :)

  4. vanakam(welcome) Sundari ;).phew,that means I really understand the stuff I copy-paste on the blog ;).

    I did a thing of permanent purpose today. Attended a collegue-friends wedding which if I had ignored would have given me a guilty conscience for ages & wouldnt have been able to invite him/her for any of my events.


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