Work & Enjoy !

Helloz Good dayz :D !
How are you all? Gr8, relaxing weekend? Yes? Good.

Ready to work the coming week?

I am. :)

Like I said in last post after a lot of conversations with certain of my friends, was able to come up with the question: Do I still enjoy my work?
Ya, I enjoy my WORK.
In fact I term it as my hobby & I am getting paid for it ;).

But lately this question is bugging me. Today had a gr8 brainstorming session with my meditation teacher about Life, goals, dreams, achievements, strategy, outlook/vision & most importantly WORK.

We discussed how we earlier used to take up each day as it came, give it the most & feeling glad, grateful, satisfied at the end of it. Now-a-days we work as if we gave taken a whinning pill & keep complaining,worrying, getting irritated about most things in a day & feeling tired,stressed out, disoriented, depressed at the end of it.

Why is this happening? Because we have lost THE PRESENT.

This old long archived mail for the Blog gave more insight to this:

You never have to choose between work and enjoyment. You can do both.

You can choose to do work that you enjoy. You can also choose to enjoy whatever work you do.

The work you do enables you to create value. The work you do while enjoying yourself enables you to create immense and highly meaningful value.

There is a reason why you have chosen to do the work you do. Explore that reason, connect it with your deepest purpose, and you'll find a way to enjoy whatever the task may be.

One of your most persistent driving desires is to make a difference. Enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to work at things that will indeed make a difference.

Work with enjoyment and gratitude. Not only will your work bring rewards, you'll also find that your work is itself a great reward.

-- Ralph Marston

:) Find the reason: why you have chosen to do the work you do?
If you dont have a reason, then do something about it.

I have mine & going to work towards it, so that I ENJOY MY WORK :) ;)

Have a gr8, enjoyable, successful, productive, satisfying week AHEAD & you have GR8 WORK to do.

bye bye. take care. :)


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