Thoughts: Depression :(

Hi good day people !!!!
Cheerful or depressed ?

Read this beautiful mail sent by my friend. It is again about a course on Why,How of Depression & how to overcome it.

I am not writing any of my inputs today, please read it & reply back.

When you Get and Forget – you are Depressed.

That is what Depression is all about. Those dark moments when we have forgotten in our life what all we have received...... Only when you forget what you have received, you do ask what I have in life. What do I have in life?

What is the purpose of my life? What my life is for? Such questions come only to a person who has ignored what he has received and also failed not only to pay-back but even acknowledge what he has received..

Ignoring, Forgetting, Overlooking what you have got only creates Depression and Suffering.

Never forget what you have received and “what is” for what YOU WANT.

When you Give and Forgive – You are Refreshed.

Similarly, we usually hold on to what we have given...... I have given so much..... See how much I have given....... Only when you Give and Forgive/ Drop what YOU have given.... will you feel Refreshed.

So for a Continuous experience of Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation in Life, hold in your awareness always what all you have received..... And what all you are continuing to receive..... Be in Humility and Gratitude.

Drop from your Awareness how much am I Doing or Giving. That only is NON – DOING

Akarmeva Moksh

Karma is holding on to the Thought, Feeling and Emotion of I am Doing/ Giving.

Moksha is Retrieving/ Erasing/ Cleansing that Thought, Feeling and Emotion.

Just doing it Simply and Playfully.

When you want more you are Depressed.

When you give more you are Refreshed.

Never give to get.

:) Simple & ringing with truth isnt it. Bye.take care.


  1. Good way to start the morning. Thanks for sending this to me :D


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