Thought: Every second you are new !

Hi good day ppl ! :)
How are you all doing?

I have been having a great many things to learn these 2-3weeks. I attended a Dynamic meditation course week before this & this weekend went for Omkar mediation session. Both of them were very good.

Also had my birthday this week, so got a lot of good wishes, love.All in all a lot of Good Energy!

This weekend during the Omkar meditation session, the teacher in way to help every1 relax & laugh out loud narrated a story cum joke. It went like this:

Once a sardarji was traveling by train for a long journey. When he boarded the train 2more young boys also sat in his compartment. After a couple of station the boy sitting across sardarji got up & slapped him hard 2-3times & sat down. Sardarji just kept quiet.

After a few more stations the boy again got up & now along with slaps, punched him hard. Again sardaji just kept mum. The other boy was surprised & asked Sardarji why are you letting him do this. Sardarji asked him to keep quiet. Just as he said that the boy again got up & hit,slapped,kicked,punched sardarji very badly. Still sardarji didn't stop him. The other boy got impatient & yelled at Sardarji to make the boy stop or he would do something.

Sardarji yelled back at him 'Stupid boy, you dont know anything. Just keep quiet & mind your own business, like I am doing. This boy before boarding the train had an argument with a Sardarji who looked like me, he his hitting my body because of that. Now why should I interfere with this fight where nor am I still the similar looking Sardarji nor the body of me'.

Got it???

Summary of this: There is Change every micro second within ourself & outside. Every second we are new, so how can we say that so & so happened to me or so & so did this to me. We carry the happenings of past within ourself even though the past is well past us. :)

On Saturday was watching the movie: Matching Point. Couldn't see the entire movie.

Its about a guy who is blind & his friend is trying to get him a girlfriend. This blind guy meets an Indian girl & they both fall in love. But this Indian girl is engaged to an Indian guy & she feels that she cant let her family down, so tells the blind gut that they cant see each other anymore. The blind guy takes the rejection thinking that she is rejecting him coz he is blind.

His friend explains that to get the right kind of girl/guy who you want you will have to handle 10 no's & will then you will get the 1 single Yes which is Perfect for you. So you should be thankful, you are 9steps closer to your Yes.

What a concept ! :)

Wish I had watched the entire movie.

Doesn't this apply to a lot of things in Life? You desire a certain thing but while attaining it you will face a lot of difficulties which might make you give up the desire, but if you persist & continue you will see that those difficulties in fact were helping you get to your goal ! This may apply to getting the right job, designation, home, life partner, vacation, education,....

Till then Breathe Deep & Take care. :)