The Bicycle Project-Donate your bicycles !

Hi good day ppl !
It cant be a Good day, it should be great looong weekends. Isnt it? So what were you upto these long weekends?

I completed a task which was long pending. I donated my old bicycle to a project called 'The Bicycle Project'.
Do you remember the days when you were learning to ride a cycle? How you pestered your parents to buy you a bicycle or teach to ride? How you even today discuss in detail those days about cycling, accidents you met with, the expeditions you took to places, the cuts & bruises,...

These memories are from your schooldays, for some even college days. But after that the much cherished bicycles are forgotten & lay unused in garage corners, under staircases or sold off for scrap.

The same happened with me. I gave up cycling in school after taking a dread for it. Then resumed in college coz after bus that was the only option to avoid the long walk to college. My parents got me a new ladies bicycle which I used optimally for 3years. After that it just lay under our building staircase since my sisters nor any relatives kids had use for it. I used to remember it being there once in a while & ask my dad to sell it or give it away. But not even the cycle vendors would take it for free. So it again lay there for 6 years.

Then I read an article in Reader's Digest about a project called 'The Bicycle Project' :
This project basically takes old unused bicycles. repairs them,makes them like new & gives it to village children who have to walk very long distances to reach school.

It was just what I was looking for. I sent a mail to the email id given, got a reply from them but it so happened that they didnt have anyone to pick up the bicycle nor was it near for us to drop it. So we were again back to square one.

Then few weeks ago read in Times of India about IIT student's bicycles had been donated to the same project & they mentioned a phone number. I called up Hemant Chhabra & told him about my wish to donate. He gave me the number of a lady staying very close to my colony whom I could coordinate. I called her up & we tried to fix a date. But I got busy those 2-3 weeks & then last weekend finally got it washed & cleaned. Today called her up & fortunately she was free & ready to pick it up in half hour. So I pushed the cycle to my colony gate, she got her big van & I had done a long pending task :). I still have to fill a form to show that I donated the bicycle, so will do that sometime soon too. The blog for this project:

I hope it will help some girl to reach school more easily in all weathers as it helped me. I feel good about. I would encourage all my friends,family & readers to donate old bicycles if you have no use for them. Please spread the message.
So today Iam going to have a good night sleep after doing a good deed. :)

Till then bye.take care & Enjoy the week ahead.


  1. Bravo, Nilima! That was indeed a good deed. :)
    Sadly, i never learnt the art of cycling. :(

  2. Thanks Sundari. But its never too late to try. You have tried a lot of things, why not this too ;)

  3. Chalo, which section of Mumbai do you want me to break up? ;)


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