Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why some people seem to have all the luck !

Hi Good day PPL ! :)
Have you wondered about this ever? Why some people seem to have all the luck ! BOLD,Italic,Font Large ! :)

Was asked by my mentor to watch 'The Secret' this weekend. This question was answered there very easily & talked about the ideas which were in given in the article of 'The Speaking Tree' column few years ago. This article I had read when I was in my degree college & rememmber cutting & keep it in my scrap book. Today got it in mail, forwarded by friend. Again was stuck by the coincedence. :)

Do read it.

What do you feel? Let us know.
I agree with this one completely. Try the steps. I am going to hunt for that scrap book today.

Bye.Take care !!! :)

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