Keep the Innocence Alive !

Hi Good day everyone :) !

Whats up? Hows life? Monotonous, today was same as yesterday? The heat is making it more boring to get to work & back? We are trying hard & harder to finish off those tasks on our list. Since we are headlong into finishing those tasks, do we notice things around us? We pat ourselves when a task is done, but does that satisfaction last long?

Why?What is it that is going wrong? We were never like this before?

Seemed like that to me since 2weeks. But even though I was wrapped in rushing from one task to the other (most of the tasks are still not complete) I noticed 1thing.

There were kids, babies around me everyday. Its not strange coz maybe its vacation time, but it was as if they were around me for some reason. I noticed them at bus-stops, in buses, trains, streets, around my workplace/home, on blogs/articles.

I noticed 1 particular baby boy as soon as I woke up 1morning in the ground opposite my building. This cute bald kid had just mastered balancing & walking & was enjoying a morning walk with his papa. There were crows around him & he would pick one out & chase the crow. The crow as if on cue would hop a few steps further & wait for the boy to follow & then again hop somemore as he got closer on his unsteady chubby legs. But the boy wouldnt stop nor the crow stop teasing him.

Found the perserverence of the boy cute. Innocence+determination & Living the moment thoroughly ! No tantrum throwing, or getting upset if the task is difficult nor just running after it to attain it. Just plain Enjoying it!

As if there werent enough kids I was noticing, 1of my best friend, her hubby & her 11month daughter came to visit me at My workplace! Meet them after around 10months even after staying in the same city. That was a thought provoker for me! Are we sooo busy to skip seeing your friends, their kids growing up, doing our favourite things, going on vacations?

Are we Enjoying Life as its supposed to be!

Ruminating on this thought!
Sorry for the Hard core Thought expalaning post. Will try a cheerful one next time.

Till then will try 'Return to Innocence' ! :)