Radio a blessing!

Hi good day!
Do you listen to the radio often? Im stuck to it the whole time.

A couple of days ago took special notice of the people passing while I traveled to work. Most have them had their headphones on, plugged into their mobile phones. Even people who didnt seem to know much of music, were merrily going about the business with the headphones connected. It sort of has become a necessity like food,water,air. If we have a few minutes, we'll be plugging in the music on the cells.

Sometimes Im half listening to the music, half in thoughts & Ill be switching channels without even listening to the music on them. Its become like an obsession like people have been having for mobile phones. Cant LIVE without it.

But then I started thinking about what & how the radio was in the early days. The person who made it, in those time Transistor it used to be called & a great possesion to be had in a house. Then when we were kids, there was the taperecorder. On which you could listen to casettes & hear the radio too. Later an addition was you could record something too. That time itself the mobile taperecorder also became popular. Called as 'Walkman'. The person who must have got the radio integrated to the Walkman is a true genius according to me ;).

I still remember my walkman & the hours I would listen to it late in the night for the FM Radio channel. I still have it, its a lil broken, but put on a new battery & it works perfectly. My excuse used to be, Im going to be solving Maths from 11pm to 1am & need to keep awake :D. That also used to be the time for the English music followed by Hindi retro(oldies). I learnt a lot about music in those college days.

I got to know more about English & Hindi original classic music. The FM radio 107FM is a perfect guide if you want to get introduced to the original taste of music. Some of the songs I heard during those nights studying are still my favourites. I dont like watching Videos of songs. I prefer listening to them, their lyrics, beats, its feel,... Videos create an image what they want to create & not what you would imagine or feel as a listener.

Radio is like a friend to all of us. When you want to be alone, it will help you relax from whats troubling your mind. But sometimes if you take a heavy dose of it when you actually need to rest, it can give you a headache!

There are lots of songs in English about Radio. There is Radio gaga by Queen thats the one I can remember right now, coz again I heard it on the radio soemtime today.

What do you feel, radio is an important part of your lives too?

Let us know. Bye. Take care. Have a great week ahead!


  1. Ohh man...memories!!!..
    I miss Mumbai radio by tons...
    Yes our dear old 107 FM rainbow...
    Also there's this show called "Night notes" though I cant remember on which channel..Then there's Nitrogen on Radio mirchi...but they play some new gen songs...not the old country classics..
    I miss Keisha, Navin, Falli and Mihir on 107FM rainbow...
    Keisha's beautiful dialogue before ending the show -" keep smiling..and remember, Never let the Sun go down in an argument!" :)


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