Life, Purpose, Existence, Believe

Hi Good day!
Posting some Good Morning quotes today. Strangely all that came up are related to LIFE!

Check them out:

Life is like a book: what matters is how good it is, not how long it is

Laughing face doesn’t mean that there is absence of sorrow;
But, it means that they have the ability & courage to deal with them…..

The purpose of Life is to live a life of purpose

Things can only be so good, and so bad for so long!

IF you believe you can, you probably can.
If you believe you want, you most assuredly wont.
Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad- Denis Waitley

This is a Big ONE!

There is an ancient statement in Indian philosophy which says that without devotees, there
is no God! God as a personality-tangible or intangible, perceptible or imperceptible, knowable or unknowable-exists only for one who accepts His presence, seeks His presence, knows His presence. And I found an echo of this in the philosophy of Schopenhauer where he says, "If a giant oak falls in the jungle, there can be no noise except where there is an ear to hear it." Naturally! It's so obvious. If there is no ear to hear that noise, it is only a vibration.

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