Free from thought process!

Hello Hi Good day!

I guess the Good Day Biscuit manufacturers should promote me, I do free publicity for them. I am most days teased when I greet everyone with Hi Good day! :)

Its a great way to start a day, when everyone is harping about another day of Work & you send a good day msg & the replies come pouring back in with Good morning/good day/Nice day.... I dont just literally mean pouring, they do Pour coz I send this msg almost everyday to atleast 20people in my team & others. Drives the Blues away for me atleast :) & brings a smile.

So after some stressful days, I am thinking of ways to free/unload my stress filled thoughts. Ways of doing it according to me everyday after getting home:

  • Listen to music , but this ends in more thought generation
  • Think about nicer things, except work, again more thoughts !
  • Go home, get fresh, eat, take a walk, relax & go to sleep.
  • Read books
  • Watch a relaxing movie/show on TV
  • Talk to your family, if it can destress you, doesnt happen all time :).
  • Call up your friends.
  • Cook, sing, dance, blog :) ,... something which u like doing
  • Go for a long walk/drive.

Activities which help you connect with yourself, pamper yourself.

Like its said, If you Love yourself, they only you can love & help others.

My way of saying it: unbind(), free(). kill(thoughtprocess) :D

So whats your way of De-stressing !!!! Let me know.

Till then Bye. TC. Breath !!!!

P.S How did I forget!
  • Meditate ! lol :D