BarCamp Mumbai 5!!!

Hi Good day, Happy Sunday!!!
So how was your Sunday? Did anything interesting?

Well I did. I attended a BarCamp Mumbai 5, 5th one in Mumbai & my 3rd one. Whats a BarCamp you would ask?

As a way of introduction, one can say:A meet where techies or smart people come together. Its a "Un-conference". There is nothing preplanned. When the volunteers,organizers decide on a suitable date & venue, word is circulated through's its blog: or word of mouth & other mediums,friends,..

On the d-day, everyone comes together & puts up 30mins slots on a board on the topics they are willing to talk on or would like to discuss. Here there are no audience. All are participants. Anyone can take part.

Barcamp is a funny name for a camp. It was derived from the variables 'foo' & 'bar'.Tim O'Reilly hosted a annual-invitation only camp called as 'Foo camp'. So hackers started a camp called as 'BarCamp' where everyone's invited to come & dicuss about technology. from Wikipedia:

It started in 2005 & since then it has been spreading to 350 countries, India having it in few cities. Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore I know have regular Barcamps. There are at least 2Barcamps a year in Mumbai. This one was the 5th one. They are usually arranged at IIT Mumbai, Powai. This time the venue changed to VJTI. The last one, Barcamp Mumbai 4 was a 2day Camp. The one before,Barcamp Mumbai 3, that had 400+ participants, I was volunteering there & was manning the registration desk with few more friends I made there itself.

Its a great place to know similar minded people who are enthusiastic about the same things you are. You can connect with people from techies, students, entrepreneurs, developers, marketing/sales people,.... & Network!!! Many sites/applications give their demos or even Launch their applications/sites at BarCamp.

The first one I attended was with my team, Barcamp Mumbai 2.That time I was working on a language & its application, use & wanted to know how other developers handled problems I was facing. So we put up the topic for discussion. When the time came for the discussion, since we had decided on the spot we didnt have a presentation or talk ready, we just told the people who had come for the discussion about it & why we were eager to discuss it. So people started suggesting ways of solving my problem, but they hadnt reached the level I wanted to cross which was stopping me. But still I got a few pointers & ideas of trying out different ways/tricks. Then later we got around to talking about different technologies/languages, their pro's cons. Since our team was the biggest & more experienced in that room, we started with giving suggestions, do-donts to the other developers gathered. It was a fun 30min discussion & we discussed more than we had planned. Gr8, suits me fine :).

Here your GK in your field increases, with first hand information from people who have worked on those technologies/languages/applications/modules day in & out. My team has been attending BarCamps together, so its gr8 later on discussing about it too. We as a team missed the 4th & the 5th one only 2 of us attended. The others bunked :X. Will get back to them tomorrow! ;)
I am a Curious explorer, as a I said while introducing myself & registering, I plan to attend all the BarCamps as & when they are organized.

Just wanted to spread the word in my way & the only one I know,with Preaching :D ! Go for 1, arranged in your cities & check it out.

Let us know if you attend the next one.

Bye.TC. Back to work & full, exciting week ahead :).

P.S: Registrations are free here & you get free stuff here, lots of them. Tshirts too. ;)