Your best Move!!!

Hello good day!
Gr8 weekend? I enjoyed the past week. Watched some movies. Filled up my backlog of movies. Participated in the Marathon. Entirely a gr8 & fulfilling week & weekend.

Watched this movie which was a comedy & relaxing movie. No brain churning required for this one. It was supposed to be comedy movie, which you watch it once & forget about it. But after the movie was over & you try to summarize it. It gives you 2 concepts the characters,theme, story of the movie was conveying.

One was: Believe in yourself. Know yourself. Don't believe in others, gods,... but in yourself. Your destiny is not in the lines on your palm, but in your deeds, hard work. You can become whoever you want with your deeds.

The second was: Know yourself. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a talent, ability, skill, or move as the movie called it, which no 1 but you in the entire world can do best! Go deep within you to find that special thing which you have been bestowed with & practice it 1000 times. Coz to defeat the enemy you dont need 1000 different moves, but your 1 best,killer move which you have practised 1000 times.

When this line from the dialogue was uttered I remembered the short story from the mail which is also a post on this blog: 'Weakness or Strength'.

The effects of execcessive thinking ;) !

Until next time, bye, take care. Enjoy the Week!!!!

P.S: The movie's name is Chandni Chowk to China or CC2C. :) Now you will believe when I say: The effects of execcessive thinking ;) ! Chalo Bye.