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Hello Good day everyone!
How are you all? Hows the New year going? Whats your New year resolution?

Was watching a comedy TV serial a few days ago, which had the topic of New year resolutions. The father of the family has made the resolution to break everyone resolutions this year. Quite mean I know. But the point he listed down for this resolution of his was: Why do we need a particular day of the year to start something good? Why cant we just decide that so & so habit or activity is bad for us & we will overcome it from tomorrow or starting now?
Whats your answer for this?

Again! Its the conditioning of the mind! Our mind has got so addicted to the feeling of pleasant feelings we will just find excuses to postpone or do-away with things that can stop this pleasant sensation.

We are like beautiful moths (for example ;) ), we can see light/brightness at the other side of the glass window, we will try to go near it coz we like it, but end up banging ourselves against the glass window pane & hurting ourselves in the process but wont leave this mad activity. Coz we are so oblivious of the hurt we are causing ourselves, in this madness/greed to get the pleasant sensations.

The solution : become Aware/Alert, simple isnt it! But its not so. We cant blame ourselves totally too, saying Will power is weak,... This has been the conditioning of our minds from birth or even before that-janmas. That doesnt mean we are totally innocent :). We know the problem now, also the solution, so what are we waiting for, let implement it.

The Technique I just attended my second session of, is called: Vipassana Meditation.
Vipassana=to see things as they really are. Its an old Indian technique which was rediscovered by Gautama Buddha. It works on the connection between mind & body. It helps you transform yourselves through self observation.

You can read more about it on its website:
Check the link & let us know if you have any questions. We are not experts, but may be able to help.

I am scheduling the next post with more info on this technique.

Till then Bye. Take Care.


  1. Resolution :)

    The human tendency is to make resolutions each year, no matter how successful he/she has been in the resolutions in previous year. Its trend to make resolutions on 1st day of year. Some of my resolutions are (for each year or for each day :). ) – losing weight, morning walk, earning a good amount of money, paying debts, starting a good exercise regime , but its not possible in our busy schedule or we are not giving attention to it , simply ignore it.
    And on next year we make new resolution again.,
    And I totally agree with you on this point that for starting anything good not required any specific day or time.


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