Some short stories

Hi good day,
Today morning heard a nice short story on the radio:

One day in a forest there was a crow who was sitting on a tree branch doing nothing. A rabbit came and saw him. So he thought ,'Even I will sit here doing nothing. If he can do it so can I'. So the rabbit sat below the tree doing nothing. In sometime a tiger came & eat up the rabbit.

Moral of the Story: To sit at one place & do nothing you need to be at some Top position.


Also a message given on the radio today morning sort of motivated me to keep trying:
When you are trying to gain a balance, inner peace,... The smallest mistake/problem can make you blast your top. So just give yourself some slack. Say this to yourself: 'You are not very good at it, Even Im not that good at it. So thats ok,We'll be Great soon'.

With this message I remember the short incident we were told in School during an orientation session:

Once during an orientation session of very young kids, they were told to do a small exercise before they went to bed. Before they went to bed they were to go to the big mirror in the corridor & take a good look at themselves, after this whatever came to their mind , they were supposed to write it down & show it to their teacher in the morning.
The next morning the teacher was going through the notes the kids had written. One of the kids had written:
I am Me and I am good, Coz God makes no Junk!
A nice quote for us to remember always & not just when we feel down.

Thats all folks.
Bye. See you'll next time.