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Hi gudday!
Today was going thorough my mails and came across this thought provoking story. It was in Marathi, but will try my best to translate & give it the same impact it had on me:

Once a grandfather was telling his grandson about the battle people have with themselves mind wise. He said, 'Son this battle is between 2wolves. One is a bad wolf. That is Anger, sadness, ego, pride, guilt, jealousy,pain, disappointments,falsehood,... The other one is a Good Wolf. That is happiness, caring nature, helpfulness, hope, peace, truth, trust, forgiveness, enthusiasm,..'.

After a minute's thoughtful thinking the grandson asked, 'Grandpa, in the end which Wolf wins the battle?'

The Grandfather quietly replied, 'The one we feed more!'

So which 1 are you going to give more fodder to? :)

Bye. TC.


  1. Hey its too good...
    If u could share the marathi version of the story..
    n also d author's name...
    Thanx in advance....


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