Event: Once Upon A True Time at Thane

Good day People !
Thane had its first event by Once Upon a True Time on Sunday, 21st October 2018 at Kidpop Studio.

One Evening. True Stories. Real People.

Do you like listening to stories? From complete strangers? Life stories?

No such event has happened in Thane before.
Will people come to listen to life stories of strangers and get something tangible in return?

I like that. It gives you a perspective into your own life along with a glimpse of the storyteller's life.

Once Upon a True Time, stage is set.

Once Upon a True time storytelling by 6 storytellers happened and with a full house to beat it.

We had a studio full of listeners or enthusiastic people, eager and open to learning and unlearning about life.

We had 6 people as Story tellers who bared their souls by reciting their own life story or one incident from their life.
The Stories by each Story teller

We had 2 ladies, the founders of OUATT, Ansha Fernandes and Ilham Modi Bharmal who had worked hard to curate this event and get our Storytellers stage ready.

Ilham Modi Bharmal and Ansha Fernandes, the Founders of Once Upon a True Time 

This session was not just about story telling or listening to stories. It was also an exercise in Emotional Connect and Empathy. You need to attend one to understand this :)

We all sat down and were introduced to the event, the Storytellers and the steps for an exercise in Empathy.

Each Storyteller came and read his/her story. Some lines made us laugh, frown, tear up, roar up in laughter, nod in understanding, snap our fingers in appreciation when we liked a phrase or thought, lean forward in anticipation, shudder,  etc.

Neha Chopra narrated Two Finger Space,
A true story about her unconventional friendship

Madhu Ranjeet Singh recited her touching
and courageous story - Inside Out

Ansha had us on the edge of our
seats with The Mystical Thread

Amrita Sequeira enthralled us with her
story - Move your Mountain

Ilham Modi Bharmal gave a comical tone to an otherwise painful experience
with - Making The Cut

Sunil Punjabi showed the power of  human endurance
and relationships with his story - Clean Sweep !

A full frenzy of emotions in 3 hours.

The story topics were each different. But each had a common thread.
Introspect. Self Love. Self Realise.

At the end of the session, each storyteller chose to answer one question posed by the listeners.

These questions helped us make the circle complete. We connected with each storyteller through their true stories.But with the questions, we as the audience, connected amongst ourselves too. Circle Complete.

We had bonded with complete strangers, were patting each other, giving hugs, confessing our own deeds and thoughts which seemed like crimes until now.

The Story tellers of Once Upon A True Time

Each one of us left inspired and with a fuller heart. Hearts filled with empathy and with a thought to Be More Kind To Ourselves First.

Hope to attend all the OUATT sessions. Stay tuned for the next one.

Bye. Take care.


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