Event - Ratan ka Swayamwar Imagine TV Faisale ke ghadi

Hi Good day ppl!

Gr8 unexpectedly exciting weekend I had, like most times ;).
My friend called me up on Sunday morning to accompany her to attend the Finale of the TV reality show 'Ratan ka Swayamwar'. I gladly accepted since I have never attended any shoots & also be a part of the audience.

Ratan Rajput 's Swayamwar on Imagine TV grand finale-Faisle ki ghadi.

My friend is doing Social media marketing for this show on Facebook, she for the first time has followed this 3months Hindi(which she is not so fluent in) show on TV throughout so that she can make the shows Facebook page interactive for viewers. Kudos to her, the page has gained superb momentum :)

So 3 of us ladies, met up to go to the shot location-Tulip Star, Juhu. We were asked to reach at 3pm. We reached on time while my friend tried contacting the PR agent for Imagine Tv.

We found the shoot location which was thankfully air-conditioned. Made ourselves comfortable, tried clicking snaps. But the security wouldnt allow it, coz they didnt want any information leaking out before it was aired on TV at 8pm. We explained to them our reason for coming & they reluctantly agreed before telling us not to click while the camera was on roll.

It was all new and exciting for us to be here. We ladies had an awesome time chit-chatting & catching up on our life's details. Awesome time spent- chit-chatting in an AC hall with food & drinks served free of cost !!! :D

It was nice to see how the entire team of cameramen,lights, the organisers were trying to setup everything with shouts or speaking into their walkie-talkies, microphones,... Lot of efforts go into such events. Good job, ppl :)

Ram Kapoor the host for the show and also considered as brother by Ratan did a gr8 job of anchoring the entire show.

It was time for all the grooms in the room, please stand up.

The first to come was Deepak Pandit of Jammu who has just completed his management degree & plans to get engaged now & get married after 2years once he in stable in his career.

The second was Abhinav Sharma of Delhi who is a software professional. He is ready to relocate to Mumbai & help Ratan and himself balance the simple life they want to live.

The third was Anupam Singh Kushwah working in Poland. He wants to earn enough so that he can come back to India and continue his ancestoral farming.

Ram Kapoor as a would be saala(brother in law) teased and pulled each of the grooms legs.

Along with the grooms, everyone was eager to see Ratan Rajput.

Along she came looking like a beautiful dream like Ram Kapoor said or like all the parents said like a lil princess :) Touch wood, Ratan :) She was visibly nervous. Brave girl to get her own Swayamwar done, Cheers to her !

It was a tough decision to make coz like Ratan herself said all the grooms and families were good and she had formed a special bond with each of them.

But finally she chose Abhinav Sharma, a perfect decision I believe. I havent watched a single minute of the TV show but looking at the 3grooms & having watched Ratan onscreen for a few times was sure it would be Abhinav. Damn! me and my friends should have bet on this ! But I dont bet ;)

A marriage is not union of 2people but of 2families. So the Rajputs and Sharmas with the happy couple.They have decided to stay engaged for sometime and then tie the knot :)

I have grown to respect Ratan for her bravery, maturity, intelligence, self-reliance to go throughout the entire process of receiving 54,863 proposals going on-air with the show with 16 shortlisted guys. Selecting 3 grooms for the finale & then choosing her life-partner. Abhinav came across as a matured-naughty-dependable-supporting-gentleman kind of person.

God bless both of them and their families. It was lovely to watch the entire joyous union hope it stays like that forever.

Check out all the updates on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Swayamvar

Thank you my friend for inviting me to this once in a lifetime event ;)

Bye everyone. Tc


  1. Hey Nilima
    excellent blog. You have got every single point right - Bingo!
    Keep up the great work. Nice pictures too :)

  2. Well written, Nilima.. Runtime is glad to be behind such experiences ;)

  3. My take on the show:


  4. Thank you everyone.
    @Arjun- Keep up the good work Runtime Solutions!

    @Hriday- Nice & different viewpoint about the show :)


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