Destiny !

Hi Good day everyone!

Are you all safe? Hope so. Hope the bad days get over. We all at our place & workplace, family, friends, relatives everyone are safe. Stay safe, dont spread rumors. Please dont give attention/energy to these happenings by viewing, discussing, thinking, writing, talking,... in any other medium repeatedly. It will only worsen. Please pray, intend that all are safe & sound, these bad happenings stop once & for all soon.The good days continue & make us stronger & better able to cope with more such situations physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, economically, administration wise, defense wise,...
May the souls of people whom we lost rest in peace.

Destiny as they say makes things happen as they are planned for everyone. I admire the planning but even more the execution of those plans with the correct time, place, people, situations. I am everytime astonished as to how the people who die in accidents or such attacks are in that one place together at the required time. How does destiny get them together? Sometimes some of them escape unharmed, how do these people too are there to witness the entire episode? Maybe they are supposed to witness the episode, to learn some lesson or for some purpose. The people who decease in these incidents have lived their alloted time on earth & now are supposed to die such a death instead of a natural death.

Mind boggling!!!
Will leave the thought at that. Lets concentrate on the better, positive part of it. Moral of the story as I try to summarise at least 1 situation everyday in the entire day as to why it happened, how, when, what caused, what would have stopped/diverted it, what to do in future if it happens again. Then these situations can be work (code related ;) ), personal life or anything in general.

So whats the moral of the story here:
  • Life your Life Fully. Enjoy every moment.
  • Your birth/death is timed. Your deadline may be fast approaching ;), so better dont waste your time or Live it badly.
  • Dont hurt people who love you. Be kind, caring, generous to every1.
  • Everyone has been assigned a task. If you know it, work on it. If you dont, do whatever you do, at your best level. Live Peacefully & say Bye peacefully.
  • Have gratitude for every1, everything.
  • Forgive as soon as you can.
  • Dont carry bad situations/moods/conversations/faults/... on your mind/shoulders for even 1extra second after the situation is over. You dont want to start having acidity & stomach problems soon ;), not joking.
  • Get some time out for yourself. Love yourself first, if you want others to love you too.

There might more points to this. Why dont you suggest some. Waiting for more points from your side.
Would like to get tired of Approving the opinions, so lets c who gets tired first.

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Till then Take really good care of yourself. We are waiting for your opinions. Bye.