Kid Attraction: Let's Play Indoor Adventure Zone at Thane

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Thane is getting quite active and hip with lot of brands coming to its doorstep, malls, eateries being setup and the general public being receptive to all these new developments.

For Parent-Kid outings, we had to look at South Mumbai for options, now we are confused with so many options to choose from within Thane.

The newest addition to the Entertainment space in Thane is Let's Play, an Indoor Adventure Zone not just for kids but for Adults, Groups and Corporate events too.

We had the privilege to check it out and my Kid though small for this setup, is wanting to go back again.

1st Floor, Unit 111, Big Shopping Center,
Above Hypercity and next to Decathlon,
Ghodbunder Road, Thane

Contact No: 022 4877 1000
Open on:
Weekdays: Monday-Thursday from 11am-9pm
Weekends: Friday-Sunday from 11am-10pm

Socks Compulsory for all entering the Zone.

Me and my kiddo love Free play any day. So when Let's Play was setup we were eager to check it out.

Warning: Do not try this at home.

Check out our short video about all the dare devil stuff we tried here under strict supervision ;)

I went with my 4yr old son, his 7yr old friend Dhruv and his mom.

All set  for Adventure !

We got their registration done. They were given tags for their wrists, swiped in and first checked if they fit the safety criteria for taking up the activities.

The criteria is the kid should be 15kgs plus for the safety gear to fit them.

Sadly my kid didnt fit the criteria of weight so I explained to him that he cant do most of the activities. He was all ok to just watch his friend and cheer him on.

Let's Play Wall Climbing and Rope Courses

The place is quite cheerful and brightly lit not to mention adrenaline pumping atmosphere looking at the wall climbing and rope courses. Our hyper active kids surely went berserk and wanted to start at once.

The kids were shown a video of How to climb up and down, Dos & Dont's, etc.
They were kitted up with harness, shoes, buckles.

The 2 kids didnt know where to start, looking at the huge walls each with a different theme. They have a instructor at each facility. You cannot start without the instructor giving the Go-ahead signal after checking your gear and setting you up each time. That was a big relief, to have someone monitor your kid and help them out when they got stuck or just went numb with fear in between.

The floor is padded and bouncy. The harness, shoes and all safety equipment used is good and sturdy. The instructors check the settings each time you ask to try the activities. They follow you till you are safely unhooked from each activity. There is constant encouragement and instructions given to each participant till the task is done.

There was Bean stalk for all Jack & Jill's to climb, Wall climbing courses with a theme each of rotating wheels or a fireman's wall or treasure island or volcano mountain, a rope course where you become a spider man/woman, Ladders to climb, skyscrapers to scale and jump like Spiddy.

Each activity required skill, full focus, decision making, guts and when you complete you get an sense of jubilous achievement. Our kids found some course difficult and scared them. But there were some favorites too which were tried out multiple times.

Parents can accompany the kid/adult for an additional cost.

Adults can do these activities too. In fact its a good venue to conduct corporate team building or group activities here. Lot of corporate companies are choosing Let's Play for their employee events.

There is a Free Fall course in the center for which you pay an additional cost. Older kids were loving this course.

They have offers and membership cards. You need to sign a liability waiver form when registering. Socks are compulsory.
The Rope course and Free Fall

At the end of 1hour, our exhausted Adventurers 
They have a small Cafe on the top floor which serves yummy snacks and beverages. Its a good venue to host parties too. A dance floor is set and lot of groups love this as a party venue. Check out the website for more details on booking Let's Play for your next party or event.

This place is on our regular-to-visit list now. Let's Play truly lets you play Freely and in a constructive way.

Do go there and spend an hour at least to test yourself ;) I am sure the kids will outrun us with their enthusiasm and fearlessness :D

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Bye. Take care & Play more :)


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